Alpha test Imager—the friends & family edition

An Invitation to help create a novel iPad app.

The Imager Visual Synthesizer combines painterly and musical concepts to create abstract art and improvise alongside musicians. It is being designed to open up the creation of visual music to artists and musicians.

You are familiar with software beta testing. Beta testers use not-quite-ready software to help find problems before an app is released. Alpha testing, which is usually hidden from public view, takes place earlier in the design process, even before the design of a new program has been nailed down.

We are seeking adventurous artists, musicians, teachers, students and others who want to help create a new kind of instrument. There is no charge to participate. Instead, we ask that you provide feedback about your experiences with Imager and share your thoughts with us. In return, we will take your feedback seriously and help you develop as an early adopter of this exciting art form.

If you are interested, just follow this link:

I want to alpha test Imager

After exploring the material below, if you still have questions about whether you should join Imager’s alpha corps, send a note to

What do I need to run Imager?

Imager runs on iPadOS 13. It benefits from a large form factor so is at its best on the iPad Pro models.

Who is it designed for?

Painters and other visual artists wishing to express themselves using moving color and form are the first group we considered while designing it. Another was musicians who want to expand the visual dimensions of their performances and recordings. Anyone with interests in art, music, lighting, film, video and intermedia might find Imager engaging.

What are the downsides of using an alpha version?

You cannot be sure that data you create with alpha or beta versions will be compatible with later release versions. Similarly, the way you originally learn to do something may change. We will take measures to minimize the inconvenience associated with changes but the simple truth is that this process is intended to improve Imager and in some cases that will produce incompatibilities. This is part of the cost of pioneering.

Am I able to project what I am creating on the iPad?

Yes. You can use HDMI adaptors or AirPlay to connect to televisions, projectors and recorders. Given the nature of testing we recommend that you restrict your use of Imager to situations where your audience is likely to be accepting of an experimental element.

When will a release version be available and how much will it cost?

Those are things that will be determined though this process. Imager will be released when its capabilities satisfy threshold demands for live and improvisational performance and its code base is stable enough to trust in professional environments. We will look to the alpha corps to provide guidance regarding its value as well as what will be required to support its successful application in demanding settings.