“The hardest thing to talk about in music is melody”

I just added a quote from Pat Metheny’s stimulating conversation about Music and the Brain at Neuroscience 2018, to the “path to melody” item in Correspondences. Pat struggles with how to talk about melody in a way reminiscent of those music theorists that the great painter Gyorgy Kepes looked to for guidance in 1944. In doing so, he adds an important piece to this most complex of visual music puzzles: the long narrative or how to move from idea to idea to idea.

Creative Selection: a master class in software design

I have been teaching design for almost forty years and have been part of the explosion of interest in Managing as Designing since its inception. I have also been a software designer throughout that time, having designed several large applications, including one of the earliest personal data managers (The Desk Organizer for the Apple II, IBM PC and Macintosh computers). Ken Kocienda’s Creative Selection gives the most direct, clear and honest portrait of software design that I have encountered. I just posted a brief synopsis in the Design section of the Bibliography.

Seeing Thomas Cole’s Diagram of Contrasts

Sunday I spent the morning with Richard Sharp, Will Coleman, Jesse Bransford, Lisa Martin and Meredith Kane at the Cole House in the Hudson River town of Catskill, seeing and discussing what is likely the first manifestation by an American painter of an interest in color music.

The piece is a stunning color wheel just under two feet in diameter. As its title—Diagram of Contrasts—suggests, it is particularly focused on the issue of contrast in color, with each of its twelve segments moving from near white to near black versions of one of six hues.

Cole described his motivation for doing the piece in his November 5, 1834 diary entry.