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I have benefited greatly from communications and discussion with many who share my interest in graphics as performance. I am especially thankful for the early and continuing support and encouragement of Dick Boland and Lyle Mays. Steven Abrams, Sandy Cohen, Larry Cuba, Roger Dannenberg, Scott Draves, Stacey Elkin, Bob Fuhrer, Greg Jalbert, David Jameson, Stephen Kay, Golan Levin, Steven Malinowski, Tom Nickel, Danny Oppenheim, Don Pazel, Ron Pelligrino, Cliff Pickover, Laurie Spiegel, Jim Wright, David Zicarelli, and others have provided useful observations and comments.

Peter Collopy drew the cartoon portrait on my bio page (at age 13 for Father's Day 1998). He has also done a great deal of work on the design of this site.

Lisa Lehman collaborated with me over many months on the Blue Glass lumia and has taught me a lot about color and graphic design. She helped design the Unauthorized Duets packaging and created the Imager logo.

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