Path to melody

The function of the kinetic linear path in plastic organization may be compared with the function of melody in musical composition, and the following observations of musicians should be helpful in bringing about further clarification.

“Music, theoretically considered, consists altogether of lines of tone. It more nearly resembles a picture or an architectural drawing, than any other art creation; the difference being that in a drawing the lines are visible and constant, while in music they are audible and in motion. The separate tones are the points through which the lines are drawn; and the impression which is intended, and which is apprehended by the intelligent listener, is not that of single tones, but of continuous lines of tones, describing movement, curves and angles, rising, falling, poising—directly analogous to the linear impressions conveyed by a picture or drawing.”

George Kepes quoting P. Goetschius’ Elementary Counterpoint
in Language of Vision, 1944, 59.