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Lumia, images and links to other sites where people are creating dynamic visual art.
Software and ideas for creating your own lumia, including instruments to connect sound and vision.
Order visual music for your computer.
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Credits, footnotes, bios, and other loose ends.
Annotated bibliographies, books, a timeline, profiles of pioneers, and other historical and background material.

This site is an introduction to the fine art of playing images in the way that musicians play with sound. It is an art that has been almost three centuries in the birthing and that has gone by a variety of names—visual music, color music, audio-visual-music, motion graphics, synchromy, and lumia. Site highlights include:

An annotated bibliography describing over 60 books and articles related to visual music, color, form, motion, design and related topics
Full-text versions of classic works in the field
A time-line detailing the history of the field, brief bios of early pioneers, and discussions of interesting ideas in the field
Images and sequences from my Unauthorized Duets CD
And descriptions of the best places on the web to learn more about the artists, instruments, and history

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The Autumn 2009 issue of Glimpse is devoted to color and includes my article Playing (With) Color. This is quite a personal article in which I explored some of the artists who's work provides the color ideas that I employ in my own work.