In October 2000, contributors to the Iotacenter discussion group submitted selections of their work for compilation into a videotape to be circulated among the lists’ participants. The tape project arose in response to interests expressed on the list.

In a posting dated July 22nd. Emil Tobenfeld noted:

And on July 31st. Nancy Herman proposed:

Within two hours Aaron Ross had volunteered to edit such a compilation and the rest, as they say, is history. When the tape was released in mid-December, Nancy once again set the group thinking and talking. This time, about our contributions to the tape. She did so as part of a toast to the finished project:

Here are the responses of the artists. Their work, in their words.

Bill Alves Static Cling

James Ellis Whisper

Aaron Ross
Trance Mission
Cruise the Circuit

Christian Gruel Still Life

Ying Tan
im vida (My Life)
un aldor (Dawn)
Elements in Transformation #1
Elements in Transformation #2

Bret Battey
Writing on the Surface

Andrew Lyons Schwarzchild

Edward Zajec Orphics 6.1

Tom Ditto Forevermore

Randall Jones & Andrew Schloss

Emile Tobenfeld Videothoncentric

Milton Komisar Untitled

Scott Davey Slur

Fred Collopy
A Very Brief History of Lumia

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