About RhythmicLight.com

In 1998, I established Rhythmic Light as a location for collecting together research on visual music. My goals at that time were to support the development of Imager—a program for playing with abstract visuals in the ways that musicians play with abstract sounds—and to collect together and organize as much related information as I was able to about others who shared similar interests.

This represents the largest refresh of the site I have done in the twenty years it has been around. The goal remains the same as it was in 1998. There is more material on design now than there was then, and more specific ideas about correspondences.

If there is something from the earlier site that you need to get your hands on, here’s a link to the archive of the 1998-2018 RhythmicLight site. Generally it should work to add /1998/ between the ‘rhythmiclight.com’ and the remainder of the old URL. Failing that, a search will likely turn up what you are looking for. And failing that, drop me a note and I’ll do my best to help out.

Fred Collopy

About Fred Collopy

I am a Professor Emeritus of Design and Innovation at Case Western Reserve University. I have published in the areas of visual instrument design, managing as designing, forecasting methodology, and information technology. My vita provides a glimpse at where I have been, what I have published, and my research findings.

My publications on visual music are available from the Bibliography’s Visual Music page.