Create an xCode project

Launch Xcode and select File/New/Project… Under “Choose a template for your new project” select iOS and then the App icon. Press Next.

Select a Project Name and locate it where you wish.

The Team and Organization identifier will be based on your developer account or similar web-based identity. Select the one you wish to use, though while you are working remotely it’s not even important that it be a real one.

Select SwiftUI for the Interface, SwiftUI App for the Life Cycle and Swift for the Language. Leave the Use Core Data and Include Tests options unchecked. We will deal with those later. Press the Next button.

If you are not already familiar with source control, you should for now checkmark the Create Git on my Mac option and you then take a little time out to learn the basics of setting Git up, including possibly with one of the several remote repository options available. There are lots of good resources online to help you with this.

Select the Don’t add to any project or workspace option. Then press Create.